An 'Unsung Heroes' is an ordinary person, like you or me, who does something extraordinary – it has the power to change the world and in this way they are creating a successful contribution to the society. They can be anyone like homemakers, Artisans, youngsters, handicrafts, self-made individuals, designers or anyone with the courage to do the right thing and carrying the power of excellence, consistency and ability to lead a team work. Unsung Heroes was inspired by the idea that everyone spotlights people who are known and announced but the one who does great deeds but receives little or no recognition for them. They may not always pop out at you with their billowing capes instead, you may have to look around carefully if you want to find these undiscovered visionaries. They are the ones you should listen to attentively as their powerful dreams might often be cloaked in soft-spoken voices. You may rarely see them in the spotlight but the impact of their work is bound to catch your eye. Our mission is to shine a light on the Heroes whose contributions to our society and country are often go unnoticed and we keep on encouraging our team to look in unexpected places for such people who can make a difference in their lives.


CEO of Phool Patti - An organization that aims to promote Truck Art across the globe

HAIDER ALI - PAKISTAN FAMOUS TRUCK ARTIST CEO of Phool Patti - An organization that aims to promote Truck Art across the globe

Haider Ali was born with innate talent and a knack for Truck Art in Karachi, Pakistan. At the age of seven, his truck artist father started teaching him truck art painting and insisted on an ability to draw straight vertical and horizontal lines. Using a vehicle as canvas is standard for Ali. He paints in the style used to decorate public transport vehicles on the streets of Karachi.
Having practiced truck art for 28 years so far, Ali has been making an impression across the globe as his aims is to keep on promoting Truck Art around the world. He first gained international attention in 2002 when he worked on the first authentic Pakistani truck in North America for the Smithsonian and has since exhibited at museums and institutions globally. In 2011, Ali also painted a truck in Luton, United Kingdom for a special Truck Art exhibition at the Stockwood Discovery Centre. Internationally, he has painted murals, structures, benches, trucks in the distinctive Truck Art style of Pakistan.

Ali’s family has been practicing truck art for the last 60 years. “Truck art represents us [Pakistanis],” he said. “We have mastered the art and it depicts a positive image of Pakistan before the world. We will continue with the tradition forever.”

Ali founded Phool Patti, an organization that promotes truck artists from Pakistan across the world. One of his aims is to train young artists to continue his legacy.

If you’re looking for Haider’s Art to Decor Home, Art Paintings, Souvenirs etc that represent the rich & vibrant traditional & cultural Artwork of Pakistan, write us at vs@colourcloset.com.

Hoor Ali Fatimah - Zar Gota Art

"Translating the taditional heritage of Gota into a contemporary expression"

Hoor Ali Fatimah - Zar Gota Art

Traditions are expressions of love in multitude of forms that evolve with time and offer an ever growing yet deeply rooted identity for the civilizations that keep these traditional practices alive. From vintage Mughal dresses to modern day trend, Gota can still be seen as apparel and jewelry embellishment, but this ethereal yet brilliantly lustrous material is limited to fashion only.

My name is Hoor Ali Fatimah and I am a textile design graduate from Visual Studies, University of Karachi. I design handcrafted tapestries using Gota in a new way by creating well textured intricate designs using various embellishing techniques bringing forth the interplay of movement through lines, shapes and its amazing reflective qualities. My Gota art collection is a way of continuing the centuries old craft of gota embroidery to make it a part of our everyday visual culture.

To view my work please visit Arts & Crafts category and you can email us on CS@colourcloset.com to place an order.

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